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Gloo is a community engagement platform powered by gamification and social dynamics to connect emotionally with your audience.

Why Gloo?

We use the latest in mobile technology, social engineering and gamified elements to create an immersive digital environment where users are encouraged to take immediate and meaningful actions.

 Engage Your Audience

Incentivize through
effective gamification

 Encourage Participation

Motivate users toward desired goals

 Increase Customer Loyalty

Drive sales & customer relationships

 Multiply Your Impact

Activate ambassadors for your brand or cause

How it works

Easily create and manage loyalty, sales or other campaigns to motivate, captivate and activate your audience toward common goals.

Build a Campaign

Create a campaign in minutes and easily upload content through our user-friendly admin.

Interact with your Audience

Expand your reach and win the hearts and minds of your audience through immersive game-style interaction.

Motivate. Captivate. Activate.

Create a lasting impact as your audience achieves desired actions while interacting with your brand, business or organization.

Track Progress & Adapt in Real-time

Measure your campaign progress with rich visual data analytics and optimize with ease.

Engagement That Sticks

Be it sales, behavior change or education, employees or customers, the Gloo Platform has you covered!

“Advances in technology have made it possible to engage new audiences as well as to revitalize existing supporters. Gloo was not only instrumental in developing a crowdsourcing gamification platform, but also in helping us to “inject” this proven strategic initiative into CWS.”

Maurice A. Bloem
Executive Vice President, CWS

“Gloo deployed innovative social dynamics design with emerging technology to motivate behavioral change on our campus, resulting in an increase per capita recycling rate of 870%”

Joseph E. Steinmetz
Chancellor of the University of Arkansas

“Gloo provided our alliance of RSPO, WWF-Indonesia, SINAR MEADOW and The Body Shop a turn-key mobile digital solution to engage with the younger generation in Indonesia in a fun and interactive way. Consequently, 58 universities in Indonesia participated in our campaign, allowing us to find our sustainability brand ambassadors.”

Tiur Rumondang
Indonesia Country Director – Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil

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